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Yooka-Laylee Is Too Retro For Its Own Good

When does retro become too retro? We’re in the middle of a number of big re-releases and memory shakers right now, and whilst some deliver new and exciting spins on […]

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The PN2 Party Chat Podcast #15

This week, Mark and Aaron dive head long into all the awesome details and possibilities from Star Wars Celebration, including the intriguing rumours surrounding The Last Jedi, the connections to […]

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The PN2 Party Chat Podcast #14

This week on the chat, Melody returns! Also, things get a little heated as we discuss the fate of Microsoft and its Xbox division following the specs announcement of its […]

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EGX Rezzed 2017 : Best of Show

This past weekend saw the returning annual EGX Rezzed to London Tobacco dock. A preview of all the great upcoming indie titles to all consoles and PC in the next […]

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Great times at Oz Comic-Con!

So, Oz Comic-Con rolled through my neighbourhood over the weekend which gave me the opportunity experience firsthand a part of the geek/gaming subculture that I never have before. The con […]

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The PN2 Party Chat Podcast #13

This week on the chat, Mark and Aaron discuss the state of the Mass Effect universe and the feedback over Andromeda, Destiny 2’s announcement and potential, plus Mark shares some […]