Welcome to our new home.

When PN2 began, as a concept it was just me playing video games on YouTube. Simple enough, really. My very first videos were rough, poorly edited and badly commentated, but we all have to begin somewhere.

Over the past year I’ve released a handful of vids, trying out different techniques to see the results. It’s clear, based on what I’ve seen, that the market for exploring Australian made video games and mobile games is strong enough to explore, but perhaps it can’t stand on its own just yet.

I realised that the potential to create new and exciting content was within reach, and so this website was born. PN2 will mix a number of different elements that aim to entertain and educate, from YouTube videos and Twitch streams to Feature Articles and Essays, it’s a combined resource I hope I can continue to expand upon in 2016.

So, welcome. I do hope you enjoy your stay and will wish to return again soon. It’s going to be … interesting.

– Mark

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