Every month, we’ll give you a quick run down on some of the biggest releases, whether they be on console, PC or mobile. Of course, when the moment permits it, we’ll focus on the Aussie and NZ’s when we can.

Given we’re half way through the month of January, we’ll also look back at some of the titles that caught our attention and more than likely deserve yours.


Will the Lego series ever end? Probably not, but if they continue to be as entertaining as Lego Dimensions and Lego Batman 3, who cares!

Lego Marvel’s Avengers takes the concept to the next step, converting a majority of Marvel’s Cinematic Universe into a block building/stud collecting marathon. The potential here is actually rather big since, given Marvel and Disney will never allow their characters to be incorporated into Lego Dimensions (boo!), this is most definitely the next best thing for the growing fan base.

But wait, wasn’t there a Lego Marvel game already? What could they possibly do that’s different? Good questions, obvious answers. This is the movie universe! We get Lego iterations of Robert Downey Jr., the voice cast is completely ripped straight from the movie, the action sequences expand on the franchises best scenes (Hulkbuster vs Hulk anyone?). The only disadvantage it has over the previous Lego Marvel is the lack of X-Men characters, but there’s plenty to replace them with. There’s also a host of comic book Avengers also making appearances that haven’t been seen on the big screen yet … so, maybe Spidey?


If you haven’t played Life is Strange yet, it’s worth picking up the Special Edition package hitting store shelves this month to have the full experience, at a reasonable price with a few extras too.

The story revolves around solving emotionally charged puzzles through a wonderfully written narrative, where a young girl discovers she can turn back time. I won’t spoil anything beyond that, because it’s definitely something you need to experience instead of just reading about. Think TellTale’s Walking Dead/Game of Thrones mixed with modern teenage angst … though by angst I mean super powers.

Now, of course, if you have played Life is Strange, there’s a few things here worth the asking price. You’ll get a reprint of a diary similar to the one you’ll see during the pause menus and an official soundtrack featuring Alt J and Angus & Julia Stone. Sounds good to me!


We love our Aussie Indies here at PN2, if our YouTube channel doesn’t already make that obvious. So this list wouldn’t be complete without an intriguing local production, and what better place to start than a first person shooter built entirely here in Perth, WA.

Down to One by Gadget Games combines two of the biggest elements of any modern FPS, an open world/scavenger/survival element combined with a competitive action shooter. 42 (heh) players start each match with nothing and must use whatever they can find within the environment in order to be the last man standing. Constantly being updated, there’s an already strong group of players playing weekly tournaments, so if you’re looking for something different to play then why not start here? You can download it now off Steam.


Assassin’s Creed as we know it will be taking 2016 off, supposedly. But if you’re a fan and looking for a fix after last year’s AC: Syndicate, then this continuation of the 2.5D spin-off series should do the trick. It’s not exactly the same, nor is it a Prince of Persia replacement, but it should be a solid addition to the franchise.


Pinball FX2 and its many iterations on various platforms are home to a number of well designed pinball tables based on established brands, most notably Star Wars and Marvel. No surprise that these two additional tables based on The Force Awakens have shown up. There’s a decent amount of fun to be had here and a number of references to the movies, though a surprising lack of John Williams newest musical score.


Homeworld is back and though it’s not exactly what you might expect, fortunately for us the franchise seems to be in good hands. This prequel sets the normally space bound RTS onto a barren desert landscape, but you can expect the same kind of intense battles and fleet management that you would expect. With a number of series veterans behind it, this shouldn’t be pushed aside as a simple cash-in on Gearbox’s license purchase and more embraced, as Homeworld deserves the attention.

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