In between the massive hype for the returning Star Wars franchise, its familiar characters and what not, there’s another and arguably more intriguing Star Wars movie waiting in the wings. Why is it more intriguing? Because it’s a prequel. No, not those prequels.

star wars rogue one castSet between Revenge of the Sith and Star Wars itself (i.e. A New Hope, for those who don’t know), Rogue One will tell the story of a group of rugged heroes and their attempt to steal the Death Star plans from the Empire. Sounds like a story that’s probably been told before in the now defunct Expanded Universe, but given this is a legit Star Wars film you can expect no expense spared.

Just look at this cast. Felicity Jones (yes, another lead female role in a Star Wars film!), Mads Mikkelsen (Hannibal himself, presumably as a villain here), martial arts hero Donnie Yen, award winner Forest Whitaker, Aussie Ben Mendelsohn AND Firefly alumni Alan Tudyk. For a spin-off, that’s a fantastic lineup right there. Add to that director Gareth Edwards, who did a bang up job with the Godzilla film and his own creation, Monsters, and you’ve got a recipe for a really enjoyable action adventure that isn’t just here to fill the wait time until the next numbered iteration of our rejuvenated franchise.

And did I mention the rumour that Darth Vader might make an appearance? Tasty!


daredevil season 2Punisher. Elektra. Along with Daredevil, characters that have had a rocky relationship with the silver screen. So it’s with great relief that both will make an appearance in season two of the Netflix produced series, meaning not only will they finally make sense within a realistic setting, but HOLY CRAP PUNISHER IN THE MARVEL CINEMATIC UNIVERSE!!!

With the possibility of a second Jessica Jones season and Luke Cage getting his own run of episodes this year as well, you can’t say there’s nothing to watch this year. But what’s interesting here isn’t just the fact that Daredevil needs to build on its solid foundations (no doubt it will) but that Netflix will debut the series the exact same week as Batman v Superman hits cinema screens. Gutsy? Definitely. Risky? Probably not, but we’ll see.

Either way, Daredevil will be welcomed into my life with open arms, and if the rumours are true Punisher might get a show of his own.


The NX needs to happen sooner rather than later (for more on that, check out Mike’s thoughts here), but there’s a major upcoming title that needs to at the forefront of its push into the market.

zeldaLet’s be honest here, we’re all kinda expecting Nintendo to come out and say the next Zelda will skip the Wii U and go straight to the NX. It makes perfect sense! A brand new entry in one of the most loved franchises of all time would be a perfect excuse for fans to jump ship to the new console, especially given it’s been a shorter lifespan for the WiiU compared to its competition.

Of course, Twilight Princess did much the same thing when it was announced for the GameCube before releasing on both the purple underrated box and its Wii replacement way back when (funnily enough, Twilight Princess HD will be out later this year on WiiU). So that’s not to say the same thing might not happen here, a double dose of Link across two platforms. The more likely scenario will have Nintendo focusing on its new system by the end of this year, and we’ll probably know more about said scenario by E3.


Besides the NX, there’s one other Nintendo based project that has the world buzzing, and rightly so. Who wouldn’t want to walk around the real world collecting Pokemon?!

pokemongoPokemon Go has a butt ton of promise to it. Being able to travel the world catching Pokemon, discovering gyms to fight other users with Pokemon … Pokemon. Seriously, it’s as close to the real thing as you can get, although there might be a few limitations.

For one, we don’t know if Pokemon Go will follow the exact same rules as the game. I mean, it’s one thing to recreate the entire experience of catching and fighting Pokemon within an App, but how will it bring across that experience? Will it simply be about throwing a fake Poke Ball at the screen or will we be fighting with our own little pals?

Time will tell if Nintendo’s experiment with the ever expanding mobile space pays off or bombs out, but there’s no doubt that the big N are in for a very interesting 2016.

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