RoosterTeethThe first big Aussie convention for the year is upon us! Rooster Teeth are bringing their Austin, Texas based RTX event with all the bells and whistles. We’ll be there too! I mean, we’re fans, so why wouldn’t we be?

If you’re feeling a little daunted by what to do or which panels to choose from, we’ve put together a handy list of recommended things to do over the weekend.


There’s a couple of panels over the two days that are must see, though it does come down to personal preference given there are a number of clashes with two really jam packed panels going head-to-head.

For example, Saturday morning starts with a bang with the Keynote from ABC TV’s Stephanie ‘Hex’ Bendixsen on the main stage, whilst Cosplay Queen Meg Turney and the Mad King himself Ryan Haywood are up at the same time within the Panel Room. That’s a tough one to kick things off, as both will be worth your time.

Also on Saturday, at Centre Stage at 3pm Let’s Play Rocket League will have a number of talented (and not so talented) gamers on stage playing a favourite of PN2’s on stage, the soccer/RC car indie hit itself. Most notably Rocket Jump’s Freddie Wong joins members of Achievement Hunter, Funhaus and ScrewAttack for a fun hour of gaming, a handy place to see a number of familiar faces at one spot.

Other highlights on Saturday include the Ladies of RoosterTeeth panel (following the Let’s Play Rocket League extravaganza), a Q&A panel on Being a Voice Actor (2pm, Theatre Room) led by X-Ray and Vav/RWBY voice over artists Barbara Dunkelman & Lindsay Jones.

Sunday’s highlights include a number of recorded podcasts by Achievement Hunter, Rooster Teeth and Funhaus, certainly an opportunity to be forever remembered as that one person shouting out random things when said podcasts are uploaded to YouTube next week. But if you’re looking for something just a little different, the Happy Hour panel with Geoff and Griffon Ramsey will feature a number of strange and humorous stories about things you never thought about … and will never think about the same again.


No pop culture convention would be complete without Cosplay, and there’s plenty to keep you excited on that front. Both days will be host to official Cosplay competitions at 5pm in the Theatre Room, so if that’s your thing you’d best be there early. Or just browse around and say hi to everyone dressed up to the nines, just be polite if you want to nab a photo okay?


Despite RT being largely focused on the studio itself, there’s a number of other booths within the venue focusing on local Aussie talent, and they’re worth checking out. Publishers Surprise Attack will be bringing along a few of their well received hits (perhaps Hacknet or Screen Cheat?), Flat Earth Games has stealth space trading game Objects In Space and the Academy of Interactive Entertainment will be showing off some of their student based creations. Always do your best to support these guys and give these locally created games a try. Tell them PN2 sent you.


Monty Oum, the man who changed the face of Red vs Blue with his amazingly crafted 3D fight sequences, and of course the co-creator of RWBY, was sadly lost to us last year. Be sure to go by the memorial area to leave a message of support to the RWBY development team as they wrap up Season 3 and remember your favourite Monty created moments with fellow fans in a space that will no doubt be an eye opener for newer members of the RT community.


Ordinarily, this is an obvious one. But considering this is the first RTX outside of the US ever, picking up a T-Shirt or poster to commemorate the exciting event is an even more obvious choice to make. There should be plenty of merch to go around, but our suggestion would be to pick up RTX specific merch to spread the word … especially with RTXAU comes back in 2017!

Also it should be noted that autographs and photos with the many special guests at the event are free! Be respectful of privacy, of course, but don’t be afraid to ask for a happy snap and be sure to check up on autograph times over the weeekend so you don’t miss out on anyone in particular. Personally, we’re aiming for a poster with every guest’s autograph … but hey, the Mad King will do!


For the full panel schedule, event maps and more, head to the official RTXAU website and stay tuned to Twitter for any updates on time changes (they can happen, especially at an event this big). Be sure to take plenty of water with you, be wary of possible rain and above all else, stay safe and have fun! See you there 🙂

– Mark

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