Like puzzles? Like beating plants or aliens up? Like … umm … yarn? Well February might just have a game for you, dear reader!


The much anticipated sequel to the reboot to the franchise that pits humans against aliens, although this time it’s only on PC because reasons. Jokes aside, there’s much to be excited about with XCOM 2. Expect much the same high level of turn-based strategy warfare, with procedurally generated maps just one of the many new additions that adds some spice to proceedings. What more do you need to know of the sequel to arguably on of the best strategy games of recent years.


Arguably the cutest character around, unless you count the similarly designed Yarn Yoshi, Yarney the demon cat made of wool will have you smiling in delight and cursing in frustration at its intriguing platforming world. One part Nintendo, two parts Indie, all parts give me a Yarney plushie now … or just watch the video below to create your own. Whichever comes first. Unravel shows much promise, and as a download title it should come in at a respectable price point.


It seems like the new trend in gaming is exploration first person adventures. Like The Witness, Firewatch’s aim is to provide a unique puzzle/adventure experience through a traditional first person viewpoint. Unlike The Witness, Firewatch isn’t partly infuriating. The narrative has you playing a man who’s left his life behind to venture into the wilderness as a fire lookout. When strange occurrences … occur … you must explore the area to find clues, whilst the hero explores his own inner meaning of life through (as the developer calls it) ‘adult conversations’ with a park ranger on a handheld radio.

You may remember Firewatch from Sony’s E3 presentation last year (check it out below), and you’ll get the chance to play it on PS4 and Steam this month. It’s on our must watch playlist, so take our word for it and give it a go.


Sony had a mild 2015 with its exclusives, but they’ve come out swinging in the new year. Along with PS4 re-release Gravity Rush earlier this week (also worth checking out), they’ve got arguably the most anticipated fighter of the year on their hands thanks to a partnership with Capcom. Street Fighter V had a slightly rocky start after a few failed attempts at a beta test phase, but all signs are pointing to a solid launch later this month. Except for Mortal Kombat XL, there isn’t much for it to compete on the beat ’em up front with until the eventual console port of Tekken 7 and Killer Instinct Season 3 not expected until later this year.

Also, kudos to Capcom with its advertising campaign.


Until E3 reveals all the strange and startling surprises for the second half of 2016, Far Cry Primal is hands down the most intriguing release of the year so far. Mixing the prehistoric age with one of Ubi Soft’s biggest IP’s might not have been the first thing we thought of when considering possible sequels, but here we are. There’s certainly a lot of curious fans hoping this change in atmosphere will still bring with it the action we know and love, but personally we’re interested in the tension of trying to survive at night with barely a zombie in sight. Well … unless they’re hidden away in the code somewhere.

Totally going Beastmaster with my Dire Wolf as soon as this one comes out in the later half of the month.


The most surprising things about Garden Warfare was the fact that it worked at all, given that it was an FPS spin-off from the original iOS/PC classic. The reason it did, though, was an important dose of humour and a colourful cast of characters. With the upcoming sequel there’s been a major focus on adding single and local co-op content, perhaps as a response to the ‘why does everything have to be online only’ scenario we seem to have found ourselves in lately. That welcome addition, coupled with a strong open beta response should be more than enough reason to step back into the plant and zombie war.


HD updates are a dim a dozen these days, but it’s not often you get an HD update to an indie classic. The Ship: Murder Party, a favourite in many a lan party, gets a fresh coat of paint and some new mechanics to its since its first release almost 10 years ago. If you haven’t heard of it before, imagine the Titanic but with everyone out to murder each other without the police spotting them. That’s a fairly decent explanation.

SIDE NOTE: Fire Emblem Fates comes out in US territories this month, but won’t be heading to Australia just yet. In fact, we don’t have a confirmed release date. Hopefully we won’t have to wait too long though.

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