A few years ago I was walking through the EB Expo booths, pondering the next game to try. If I remember correctly, both the PS4 and Xbox One were on show in Australia for the first time so there was a ton of new content to talk about. One that I was personally excited about was still in early development, sitting up the back in the indie section on one of the only PS4’s that weren’t at the Sony booth. That game was Blast ‘Em Bunnies.

Developed by well established Aussie studio Nnooo (pronounced exactly the way you would expect), Blast ‘Em Bunnies has you playing a bunny blasting other bunnies. Doesn’t sound like much when you put it like that but trust me when I say it’s far more exciting in person.

My time with the game back then was short but sweet. I was handed a dual shock 4 (which was my first time holding, a little trivia there for you) and went at it for a few minutes, getting used to sitting behind the turret and anticipating each wave of enemy bunnies as they came in. It felt more like an old school shooter with a new coat of paint, the kind of game you can pick up and play at any time, nail a few levels ‘Doom’ style and come back at any time without skipping a beat.

The bright colours and cooky characters makes it feel cheerful like a Disney cartoon, but if anything it’s more akin to something from Comedy Central’s lineup (the M rating backs that up). Remember Happy Tree Friends? Think that, but not quit as violent. It becomes rather obvious with the likes of Slaughter mode, where you have to kill as many bunnies as you can, and one of course there’s enemy bunny known as a ‘Throwslitter’. Yup, certainly not a kids game, folks.

Next month we’ll finally get our hands on Blast ’em Bunnies, and the good news is you’ve got plenty of options to choose from platform wise. On March 8th in the US and 9th in the UK/Australia you can download it on PS4 and PSVita, March 10th on Nintendo 3DS and March 11th on Xbox One. There’s also a number of optional DLC skins and level packs to add a bit of your own personal taste, and all together it’s a surprisingly affordable package for a console release.

To be honest, I’m just hankering for a classic shooter to let off some steam, reminds me of the old days of Point Blank and Time Crisis. I have no doubts Blast ’em Bunnies will live up to my expectations, but we’ll soon see what the full package has in store. Be sure to come back to PN2 for a future Let’s Play video or two.

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