I’ve previewed it, I’ve even interviewed the guys behind it, but now it’s time to really put Danger Dodgers to the test.

Let’s set the scene first. You’re a weird creature looking thing, at least to begin with, and must dodge quite a number of incoming meteorites as they fall from the sky. Simple, right? Ha! For starters, your character runs as if they’re on ice or roller skates, making stopping on a dime completely impossible. Secondly, the space rocks are of varying size and have a habit of following you around instead of just falling straight down.

dangerdodgers 1The other and far more important thing to know about Danger Dodgers is the score multiplayer. Each meteorite has a shadow showing where it’s about to land before slowly (or sometimes really quickly) coming to a crashing halt on your head. It’s relatively easy to avoid most of them early on, but the very sneaky catch involves having to stand within a shadow before they land in order to increase your multiplayer. You can still move around quickly enough while doing that, but the more you stand underneath them the greater the chance your score will be worthwhile. I was going to say ‘less than mediocre’, but I felt that tinged a little too much towards a bad pun.

TIP: Go for accuracy with your taps instead of flailing wildly. I found it easier to rack up a high score by tapping closer to my character, meaning he wouldn’t skid too far past the mark once he got some momentum. Also, aim for just past the shadows where you can, so the multiplayer will go up but you won’t fall into harms way.

Danger Dodgers does follow the Crossy Road concept of unlocking new characters by collecting coins, to the point where the Crossy Road chicken has a cameo as an unlockable. They’re all skins, they don’t add anything else to the game except the humour of watching a weird looking cat smash into your screen as it explodes into the sky, or the references to pop culture. Couple that with the fact that the move like a blob of jelly, and there’s much fun to be had as they squirm all over the place.

What Danger Dodgers doesn’t do is become boring. It’s the kind of game where by you know you can do better, that putting it down after a few minutes because you have to get back to work leaves your trigger finger itching to play more. Or is it touch pad finger? Toucher? Anyway, it does take a little time to figure it out, some players might find said strategy a little too challenging, but for me it was on the right side of enjoyable. Now all I have to do is breach the top 100 and I’m set for life!

Danger Dodgers is available now on iOS. Keep watching PN2 for a future Let’s Play video!

Mark Isaacson is a freelance writer and gamer who may have to invest in a waterproof case for his phone so he can play in the shower.

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