The beauty of trying to find new games to talk about? When you find something that looks so appealing and it’s made in your own backyard. Twitter tells all, people, and that’s how I found out about Final Days, which just hit Steam Greenlight the other day.

finaldays01Final Days is a top down multiplayer arcade shooter inspired by the likes of Smash TV (remember Smash TV? I wonder what happend to it…), the original Grand Theft Auto and Gauntlet. There’s also a little hint of Doom 3 in there, with most of the world around you hidden in darkness and only lit up based on the direction you’re pointing. From afar it wears its influences proudly on its blood soaked sleeve, but according to developer Plus 7 Software (aka solo designer Michael De Piazzi) there’s more than meets the eye.

For starters, your field of view does force you to check around constantly for incoming enemies, but you can also make use of a sonar which can track sounds nearby. In theory, this should allow you to have your back to the darkness but still be somewhat in the know of what’s coming, though whether your twitch reactions are fast enough is another thing entirely.

Secondly, unlike most twin-stick shooters your accuracy changes depending on what you are doing. The longer you stand still, the more likely your aim will be true, compared to running around backwards from the horde. Modern military shooters follow a similar ‘real life’ concept, so it’ll be interesting to see how it changes things here. Weapon choice will play an important part too,

Thirdly, the maps you fight upon are procedurally generated with destructible environments, meaning doors and walls won’t always protect you in a crisis. Both are a little more common in game design these days, but it’s always nice to have something different to come to every time you play, and again it’s something you don’t see often in a top down shooter. There’s the promise of plenty more maps once the game is released, along with the option of creating and sharing your own monstrosities if you so wish. First person to re-create the best levels from Gauntlet wins!

Finally (and most interesting), the game currently supports up to 12 players, which is crazy when you think about it. The video above shows a butt ton of enemies on screen at one time, imagine what that would be like with a whole bunch of your friends running around like headless chickens! Plus if you work together correctly you can work together, maybe build a defensive perimeter and last just that little bit longer. You can play it solo if you’d like, and a campaign mode is also in the works, but Final Days will make or break itself with its multiplayer action.

You can vote for Final Days on Steam Greenlight right here, and if you follow the link you can download a demo to try it out yourself. Keep an eye out, I might just record a Let’s Play of my own. It’s due for release some time this year, having been in development since 2014 and by all accounts the time has been spent rather well, so keep an eye out for more when the time comes.

Perth might be a small and rather unknown state in game development right now, but there’s such a mass influx of content at a constant level of growth that I’m personally excited and proud to be somewhat a part of it. Final Days follows that growing local trend of original and fun content, and you can be guaranteed that PN2 will continue to proudly present them right here.

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