spideyCan we just talk about that spidey suit for a second? I mean, holy crap does it look great!

Those eyes though, that will make or break this big screen version of my favourite hero. Rumour has it this particular version of the suit is the one Tony Stark provides Peter Parker with (in a similar vein to how Tony created the Iron Spider suit in the Civil War comic, of which Captain America: Civil War is loosely based upon). That would explain how the eyes move as if they are camera lenses, which also provides some really cool call backs to various iterations of that design over the years as the shape changes.

And yes, we’ve just come off a Deadpool film where the eyes move as they respond to emotion, but given the mechanical sound and the notion that this design has been in the works behind the scenes for some time, it’s clearly not a rip-off. If anything, it provides that emotional link to a character behind a mask that’s been missing in the previous Spider-Man films, leading to many scenes of Parker without his mask on (something I was never a big fan of).

I don’t know whether this is the only suit we will see across the two hours of extreme excitement (calling it, best film of the year), but the fact that Marvel and Sony has a combined picture deal for the next solo Spidey flick that supposedly won’t be another rehash of his origins, suggests that different suits might become a part of his arsenal this time around. Of course, that depends on how this movie ends, given that Spidey changes his allegiance to Cap in the comics during the war.

Anyway, some of the other cool parts of this new trailer:

  • Black Panther taking down Bucky whilst riding away on a motorcycle, then later taking bullets from an incoming chopper. Spidey may be the marketing linchpin, but Black Panther could come away with some new found fans if he keeps showing off like that.
  • Scarlet Witch taking down Vision! In the comics, these two were actually married, so I wonder whether this fight will eventually lead to them coming closer together instead of further apart. Interesting.
  • It’s hinted at heavily that Bucky shoots down War Machine, but as trailers often do they edit scenes together to make it seem like one thing happened, when actually it’s something else entirely. It could be Bucky that does the do, but perhaps someone else gets the shot off instead. Hawkeye maybe?
  • Speaking of Hawkeye, how cool is it watching him soon an arrow towards Iron Man, only for the reveal of Ant Man riding along it and landing gracefully on Stark’s armour! A perfect representation of teamwork.

Check the trailer out below and let us know what you think. Excited about Spidey entering the Marvel U? I know I am.


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