hacknet01Hacking has been around for almost as long as the internet itself. The ability to bypass security even longer. It’s a scary thing, knowing there are people out there with the ability to take from us what we believe is safe, even worse the knowledge that we have no control over it. Turn that fear into a video game and you have a recipe for a thriller that doesn’t need the involvement of a Hollywood star or special effects mastery … or a season pass.

Hacknet was released late last year to major acclaim, not only because of its unique storytelling of a long deceased hacker who calls upon you to solve the mystery of his death, but because of its unique use of real life abilities, command prompts and true to life hacking procedures that would fit right in on a modern episode of CSI or Mr Robot.

Call this article a friendly reminder of its quality, as it seems the story isn’t quite finished as yet … sort of. A handful of tweet updates were sent out a few days ago from lead developer and founder of Adelaide’s Team Fractal Alligator, Matt Trobbiani, hinting at what’s to come for the title in terms of future updates. In short, there’s going to be a sudden influx of new missions to take on.

In a recent update to fans on the Hacknet Steam Community page, Matt himself explained that, though he’d like to go to work on Hacknet 2, but there’s something he needs to accomplish first before anything else:

I definitely want to make a Hacknet 2 but after more than three years working on the game, I feel like I need to work on something different before embarking on a full sequel. As a solution, I’m thinking about creating a premium expansion for Hacknet, to give you all some significant new content but at a scale I can complete this year.

I am aiming for 3-5 hours of gameplay, with a new story, some interesting new programs, tonnes of new computers, servers, contracts, and some hidden surprises along the way. I’m planning to make this a premium piece of DLC with a price of $5 USD and launch it in the back half of the year.

Just when you thought you’d learnt everything there was to know, they pull you right back in. What’s worse … well, better … it’s not the only thing the team has in store for us. Called Hacknet Extensions, a new set of mod tools will allow users to customise their Hacknet experience with themes, create missions and servers and plenty more. Cue Matt:

Over the next few months I will be seeding these tools to game developer friends and existing Hacknet modders for testing. This will hopefully result in some great mods being available when we release official mod-support later this year as a free update.

As of this post, the mod tools are on the verge of internal testing, so we’re still a while away from seeing the DLC launch proper. Hopefully we’ll hear more details on how exactly players can create their own missions, but you’d gather based on the tools already at hand that it won’t be just a simple plugin. Imagine, if you will, the ability to create your own mission (or ‘game’ if you will) in the same vein as programmers of old, within Hacknet itself?

Wishful thinking perhaps, but the game transcends what we believe a video game should be, so why not? There’s even talk of a multiplayer mode to be released after all that, so the options for Hacknet’s future are endless.

So my question to you dear reader is what are you waiting for? If you haven’t played Hacknet, jump onto Steam and give it a go. I’m in the process of editing together a Let’s Play I recorded a little while ago which, fingers crossed, will arrive some time soon. It’s a longer process than usual given the amount of text on screen, so … well, you’ll see what I mean soon enough.

Mark Isaacson is a freelance writer who loves the old Angelina Jolie, not the new one.

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