The independent scene in Australia just keeps on growing and today, perhaps, we’ve hit a new peak. Following its massive success on mobile, Hipster Whale has announced a brand new edition of its creation, Crossy Road … and Disney are all in.

Disney Crossy Road is just that, an updated edition of the chicken crossing the road scenario using characters and places from the Magic Kingdom itself. The announcement came earlier today during the Game Developers Conference, where Hipster Whale showed off the title for the first time. Even better news, it’s rumoured to be launching next week on mobile with quite a few characters to play (and unlock) and worlds that change depending on who you are (Simba in the African wilderness, for example). So plenty of content and not long to wait? Just the way I like my announcements.

disney crossy road 02Two things I noticed in the trailer (which you can watch below). For starters, Mickey looks rather spiff in his new duds, all pixelated and such. It’s like he was made for such a thing. If you take a closer look at the screenshot to right (courtesy of Crossy Road co-developer Matt Hall at GDC itself), you’ll see fellow Hipster Whale member Andy Sum on stage with a number of character designs in the background, including my personal favourites Goofy and Pluto.

Secondly, is … is that the Final Fantasy theme? Yup, yes I’m pretty sure that’s the Final Fantasy theme used as Mickey lines up a run at the road, the classic ‘victory’ tune used in Square’s RPG franchise. Now I have no idea if that was intentional or not, but it’s kinda cool that it’s in there. It’s especially interesting when you consider Disney and Square’s tight relationship thanks to the Kingdom Hearts series. Makes you wonder whether a key blade will make an appearance in some way or form … hmm …

It does open up another question of course; how far does this Disney license agreement go? Could we see a Marvel or Star Wars themed spin-off too?

Dreams aside, I’m personally excited to see the likes of Wreck-It Ralph and Baymax in pixel form, if they do indeed join the roster at some point in the future. I’m also curious to see whether this is a direct spin-off of Crossy Road, or will Hipster Whale add a few new mechanics to the mix (in the same way Rovio changed things up with Angry Birds Star Wars and the various other spin-offs in that franchise). Imagine if you have to collect parts for a toy as Woody, reach a certain save point and then take over as a new toy like Buzz? Maybe that’s asking too much, but I’m all for changing things up.

Of course, Hipster Whale has already dabbled in new mechanics in the past, having added a multiplayer mode to the recent Apple TV port of Crossy Road, which by all accounts is as hectic as it sounds. It wouldn’t be too much of a stretch to think they could do the same again, whether it’s here or in the original version (there’s a constant stream of new characters and worlds joining the game over time, why not new game modes). That’s the beauty of the game as it stands right now, and the opportunities it provides its Aussie studio. The potential for growth is endless.

All will be revealed soon (possibly next week) when Disney Crossy Road hits iOS, Windows Phone and Android. You can be guaranteed PN2 will be all over it.

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