I’m a sucker for a good puzzle game. When I was a kid, Tetris was my jam … do people say it like that still? Man, I’m so old.

QuadrantAnyway, If you’ve just purchased your brand new Android based Samsung Galaxy S7, I’ve got a recommendation for you. It’s called Quadrant, a puzzler by local lads Apex Creative where you must protect your little square by quickly selecting between four separate screens.

According to Apex, each quadrant represents a parallel dimension. If that means there are more than one kind of Spock, then I’m down with that … but it probably doesn’t have more than one Spock. Or a Spock at all. What it does have is a number of coloured objects floating towards your square, with the objective being avoiding collisions with red dots whilst picking up yellow and green dots for time extensions and extra points.

You flip between each screen by simply tapping on it. The idea is to choose the square that’s least likely to collide with a red dot, whilst avoiding an impending attack or turning a possible ‘game over’ screen into a harmless moment in time. The more time extensions you receive, the faster the dots will fly around and in greater numbers. So, like a good puzzler should, it’s a game that’s easy to get into but hard to master.

I should point out, it must be really annoying having to make a trailer with a fake finger, but the above video gives you a better idea of the potential of the game instead of me rabbiting on. It also reminds me a little of Agar.io with its simple colours on a white background. There’s no multiplayer mode here though, this is a single player game … but can you imagine if it was? I’m already sold on the game, but a co-op or versus mode would be very interesting indeed.

Quadrant isn’t Apex Creative’s first title, having published a number of games in the Lazerbeak series. They seem to have this mobile puzzle game concept down pact, so why not give it a shot. You can download and play Quadrant now on Google Play and hey, maybe you can say hi from us while you’re at it. Share the love, peeps … wait, people say that too, right? I don’t know anymore, just go play games!

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