The Wild Eight is a co-op survival adventure that recently launched on Kickstarter. The game features a mysterious storyline set in a procedurally generated world, and the developer is aiming for a late 2016 release.

dbf01d9ad2335a2507c0f71521e5c157_originalThe Wild Eight tells the story of eight survivors of a horrific plane crash, who now find themselves stranded deep in the forests of Alaska. While awaiting rescue, the survivors must hunt, scavenge and fend of creatures and mysterious entities that threaten their lives. Something is very wrong with this situation, as the survivors discover a radio, although no one responds to their pleas for help. To make matter worse, one of the survivors is a cannibal.

Surviving the wilderness won’t be easy. Hunger, exposure, aggressive creatures and food poisoning are just several of the ways in which the game will try to kill you. Crafting and managing your character’s needs are both essential, and have come to be expected elements of a survival game. Simple items can be crafted on the go, while more complex items will require a workbench.

You can play The Wild Eight in single player and see everything that’s on offer, although the game is most enjoyable in co-op. Teamwork adds to the experience, as each of the eight characters possesses bonus stats in their area of expertise. For example, Vivian has a +10% bonus in producing resources, while Mandy the medical school student is able to craft medicines that are twice as effective. Also the survivors can revive each other with a defibrillator, if you can find one. 8 player co-op gameplay could be quite a memorable experience.

The Kickstarter campaign has just over 20 days remaining. All of the early bird copies of the game for the lower introductory price have been snapped up, although you can still score a copy on the system of your choice for $20 U.S. If you have a spare $10,000 to pledge and enjoy travelling, you can spend a week with Eight Point, who are the developers of The Wild Eight. Eight Points is located in Yakutia, Russia, which is one of the most remote locations on Earth. Eight Points require $50,000 to fund their game and have just reached the half way mark.

If successfully funded, The Wild Eight will launch of PC, MAC, PS4 and XBOX. You can support the game here.

Michael Vane is a freelance writer who cannot stand the cold weather (unlike his Editor who adores it!). You can follow him on Twitter at @DrVane

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