Devolver Digital have earned a reputation as a leading publisher of quality indie games through titles like Hotline Miami, Enter The Gungeon and Shadow Warrior (in which the sequel was on show during Pax East this past weekend). That trend looks to continue with the release of the anime inspired cyberpunk shooter Ruiner.

keyartRuiner is a top-down action shooter with “quick and brutal but sophisticated gameplay”. From what you can tell from the announcement trailer, Ruiner looks to capture the frantic killing sprees of Hotline Miami, though set in the gritty neon future of cult manga/anime Akira and not the 1980’s.

In fact, it’s the year 2091. You play as a “wired sociopath” on a quest to locate his missing brother, with the aid of a female hacker and within the city of Rengkok, a division of HEAVEN, the world’s leading ‘Virtuality’ company. In this world, companies manage citizens and control the economy. People live inside HEAVEN’s virtual worlds, where they believe they can live out their dreams (think ‘Ready Player One‘ and you’re half way there – Ed). That’s all part of the lie.

Throughout the game, you are granted access to a variety of firearms and augmented upgrades such as ‘dash’ and ‘shield’. The enemy types will include street kids brainwashed by local gangs, semi-synthed security personnel and heavy cyborg militants. There is little more info currently available, as it is slowly being drip-fed on the Ruiner official website.

Developed by REIKON, a team of industry veterans based in Poland, Ruiner uses Unreal Engine 4 to put together it’s cyberpunk stylings. Members of the team have previously worked on high profile games such as The Witcher series and Dying Light, so you know there’s quality behind those kills.

Ruiner is coming to PC, MAC and Linux later this year. Stay tuned to Play Nice Play Now for a more in depth look at the game closer to its release date.

Michael Vane is a freelance journalist who sure hopes the future isn’t like Bladerunner, unless Harrision Ford is his best friend.

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