Remember the PSVita? To be honest, it was a solid handheld, full of expectation and excitement when it launched back in 2012. Unfortunately things took a turn for the worse and the one-two punch of Nintendo 3DS and mobile gaming blew it out of the water.

severed_screenshot_09Four years later, however, the Vita is still standing. Solid sales in Japan thanks to a number of RPG’s have kept the little handheld that could afloat, and this week what could be a killer app will launch from Guacamelee! creators Drinkbox Studios.

Severed tells the story of a one armed warrior named Sasha who, wielding a living sword (think Transistor), is trying to search for her missing family through a nightmarish world of dungeons and monsters. Unlike Guacamelee!, Severed is a 1st person adventure, reminiscent of the old dungeon RPG’s like Ultima Underworld or, of course, Skrim. The difference here is the Vita’s touch screen, allowing you to interact with the environment when solving puzzles, moving levers and boulders and, of course, swinging your trusty weapon.

The visuals, however, are very similar to their previous work, full of colour and unique character designs. It wouldn’t be called Severed without some limb displacement, but considering some of the nasty and weird looking creatures you’ll go up against, there’s nothing wrong with a little slashy slashy. It can get a little hectic considering the intense colours on show (see the trailer above), but it looks immensely engaging. It’s also great to see another lead character that isn’t a caricature of what we expect from our heroes. That’s not just because of the missing limb, either.

So if you’ve been dying to pull out your Vita again, or if you’re a die hard supporter of the system and want a perfect example of its capabilities, you’ll be glad to hear Severed is launching this week on the Playstation store. Whether the game will ever be ported to the PS4 at a later date (a number of former Vita exclusives have already achieved that) remains to be seen, but credit to Drinkbox Studios for sticking to their guns and releasing their dream game. It sure looks like a ride! What do you guys think? Let us know in the comments below.

Mark Isaacson is a freelance journalist who is rather glad he has both his arms … but would love a talking sword anyway.

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