Something a little different today. Imagine if you took the pure enjoyment (and partial frustration) of Mario Kart, but instead of the heroes of the mushroom kingdom racing to win a trophy, you’re an old hag racing to stay alive as death stares you in the face … via your rear view mirror.

coffindodgers02That’s the concept behind Coffin Dodgers, a combination open world/kart racer with a slightly more adult sense of humour. In short, you’ll play as a group of elders all cuddled up within the Sunny Pines retirement village, until a newcomer arrives and turns everything upside down, using magical powers and a horde of zombies to threaten the happy folk. Their response? To challenge Death himself to a kart off.

Because that’s exactly what you’d do if Death came knocking, of course.

Sunny Pines will evolve through-out the story as you race across 13 tracks within 4 unique areas of the retirement village itself. You’ll have to progress by winning each race in order to survive Death’s door (literally), upgrading your mobility scooter and using a host of homemade weapons along the way. So yeah, very much a Mario Kart concept, but it quickly becomes obvious that this isn’t a kids racing game. Not at all, considering the blood and humour, but not in a violently way like ‘ooh, Call of Duty Racing’, but more like an Aardman animation crossed with South Park with its zany setting and characters.

It wouldn’t be a true party racing game without a few multiplayer modes, and you’ll get the chance to race against two or four players at a time across all of the tracks in the game. Sadly there’s no battle mode, as far I can see, but perhaps developers Milky Tea Studios and publishers Welsh Interactive might add that in at a later stage. Lord knows it’s the one thing that the last Mario Kart got wrong, so to one-up Nintendo at their own game would be an awesome thing to see … especially on a mobility scooter.

I’m pretty much sold on the game, so hopefully I’ll have a full review up for you soon. In the meantime you can check out Coffin Dodgers for yourself when it debuts on PS4 and Xbone this week, or check out its previous release on Steam (where you can also download a demo). If you do, let us know what you think in the comments below!

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