Please welcome our second newest contributor this week, Chris Senz! Chris is a fan of the Dark Souls series and its gothic themes, plus He’s a volunteer community radio presenter. Make him welcome in the comments below or on Twitter @PlayNicePlayNow … 

Navigating through unfamiliar territory can be a stressful and dangerous experience for a young woman, even more so as a child. The world of Polisemia is full of perils and predators and for a young dinosaur like Zniw finding your way home may seem like a daunting experience. However despite the challenges ahead Zniw forges onward with admirable determination.

zniw2Zid & Zniw Chronicles: Zniw Adventure is the maiden voyage of Polish animator Karolina “Twarda” Twardosz and programmer Lukasz “Crash” Mikolajczyk which tells the story of a young female dinosaur named Zniw who, through a series of misfortunes, has found herself lost and far from home.

Players will guide the young Zniw through the use of a simplistic point and click interface as she explores a variety of exotic locales on her journey home. During her travels Zniw will have to interact with locals, collect and construct items and forage for food along the way. Completing objectives will net the player pages of an encyclopedia which contains information on both items from the game world and simple factoids on the various dinosaur species that are featured in the game in addition to allowing them to progress.

Featuring dual language options for both English and Polish, a charming 32bit graphical style reminiscent of younger children’s cartoons and a soothing soundtrack, Zniw Adventure provides an entertaining and educational experience aimed at gamer parents and their children. The controls are simple, requiring only the use of a mouse to allow for even the most inexperienced gamer to participate and enjoy. The game’s only detraction is that the dialogue is a tad crass for a game aimed at younger players as poor Zniw is just as often greeted with more insults than salutations.

Currently a demo version of the game is available through the adventure game studio website which shows off both the interface of the game and its artistic assets with additional unlockables such as mini-games and concept art planned for the full release.

Zid & Zniw Chronicles: Zniw Adventure is currently available for review and discussion on Steam Greenlight with a planned release on PC mid 2016. Releases on both Linux and MAC are also being considered.

Chris Senz is a freelance journalist and contributor to PN2.

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