Thwart_02Given that retro is still very much ‘in’ and probably will be around for some time to come, I always welcome a good new arcade shooter to the mix. That’s especially true when it’s a retro arcade shooter made here in WA that makes full use of the device it’s designed for, which is exactly what’s going down with Thwart Geo by Kalgoorlie’s own indie studio, Outback Pixels.

Imagine a sort of Geometry Wars crossed with Asteroids, where you’re dodging incoming fire whilst shooting down pesky enemies. Unlike most shooters, however, you’re not out to destroy the enemy in the traditional sense in order to build up your score. By hitting them, they turn prone, allowing you a chance to grab them as you fly past. Of course, there’s every chance an incoming fire blast might catch you out while you try to scoop up those much needed extra points, but that’s the kind of gamble you take.

Luckily, if things do get a little heated, you can shake your iphone or android device (though I do stress, don’t shake it too hard and keep a firm grip. You wouldn’t want it slipping out) to warp out of dangerous situations. It might be a little disorienting, but it’s certainly a handy feature in a pinch.

Apparently Thwart Geo is also a frustratingly challenging game, and I can clearly see how, besides the fact that there’s a hardcore mode. Between avoiding attacks, making your own and shaking your device to try and get out of the way faster, your eyes will be darting around like a madman as you try to keep up with the pace.

I’m no master of the SHMUP, but I’m always game for a challenge. Question is, are you? Because the good news is, Thwart Geo is a totally free download on both iTunes and Google Play. Go support a talented local indie and let us know your high score.

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