alongwayhome02Five years is a long time. Your body changes, you start seeing a few wrinkles, maybe a few extra little hairs in places you didn’t expect. The world around you evolves, grows, perhaps even invents something profound or life changing.

For Boston developer Jonathan Mulcahy, that time has been spent shaping and building upon his well received iOS game, A Long Way Home. Later this month, that five year journey seemingly comes to a happy end, as the app makes its way to the Steam PC platform for the first time.

An action/puzzler set in the depths of space, A Long Way Home tells the story of a stranded astronaut some 100 light years away from home. The aim is to guide the astronaut around a number of asteroids, collecting dark matter pieces along the way to open the required portal to the next level, using your mouse to aim him along the desired, floating path. Aliens, comets and teleporting dark matter await to try and thwart your journey home over the 100 levels of patience and accuracy, as the difficulty level builds with each new portal reached.

To be fair, Mulachy has been an iOS app developer for longer than five years, but A Long Way Home itself first released on iPad back in 2011. It’s since been ported to the likes of Android, Kindle and Windows 8 platforms and was re-released as a Director’s Cut last year. For its Steam release, you can expect a completely rebuilt experience and not a simple port. A new widescreen presentation, update effects and artwork and an improved menu are just some of the updates included, though I get the feeling Mulachy might continue to tinker with his little game that could over time. What’s another five years, right?

A Long Way Home will release later this month, but if you’re not interested in waiting why not check it out on IPad, then revisit the experience when it eventually hits Steam.

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