13219915_10153606314580382_1092263350_nIn the world of gaming there are very few who haven’t heard of Undertale by now whether it be through the fans of the game or through the many memes it has produced. Toby Fox’s indy sensation was released to critical acclaim back in September of last year and it wasn’t hard to see why. The blend of traditional RPG and “Bullet hell” elements presented a unique gameplay experience which, coupled with a stellar storyline resulted in a genre-transcending experience not seen since the likes of The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of time.

Each member of the games cast was filled with personality and endeared themselves to the player in the own special way: Undyne with her unquenchable passion for life, Papyrus with his pure-hearted naievity and of course Toriel, matriarch to the monster kingdom and substitute mother to the many humans that fell into their realm. As one of the first major characters the players came across, Toriel left a lasting impression on many fans, myself included. Her kind hearted altruism and reluctance to allow the player to put themselves in harm’s way presented an almost insurmountable dilemma to many first time players during battle and no doubt resulted in many file resets at the conclusion.

In celebration of Undertale, niche merchandiser Fangamer has collaborated with Fox in a “determined” effort to produce a range of high quality Undertale merchandise including shirts, buttons and art prints. Despite the amazing quality of every piece, the one item that caught my eye and opened my wallet was the fantastically made plush of our beloved “Goat-Mom”, Toriel.

13250414_10153606314610382_1244173402_nStanding 10 inches tall and made from a lush micro minky, the Toriel plush is both huggable and collectible, making for the perfect addition to any gamers toy shelf. The face of the plush and the “delta rune” on the robe are both embroidered making for a durable and long lasting product. The robe of the plush is made from a soft micro fleece robe which is perfect for the gaming fan with allergies. An additional “Enhancement pack” can also be purchased alongside the plush which includes several small items featuring other characters from the game.

Plushies are definitely a big ticket item, in much the same way as Pop Vinyls. You can pretty much make anything into one and almost guarantee sales, like an Alien facehugger or a Tie Fighter. Having said that, Toriel seems to be born for such a product and, especially for the younger fan out there, well suited to the role of comforting sidekick out here in the real world.

The collaboration between the team at Fangamer and Toby Fox has resulted in a range of high quality merchandise well worth the purchase, but it’s clear which piece will garner the most attention. While some may find the $28 USD price tag a tad high for a “stuffed toy” I personally consider it more than affordable and look forward to spending many nights with my “Goat-Mom” watching over me.

You can grab your own Undertale merchandise by hitting up Fangamer here. If you do, let us know what you think in the comments below.

Chris Senz is a freelance journalist and contributor to PN2.

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