Epic Tavern is a management-sim where you rule the lands from behind the bar. Attract warriors, assassins, mages and other heroes by offering them alcohol and a place to sleep. Once you have established a rapport with your patrons, send them on epic quests to discover loot or wage wars to shift the political landscape in your favour. Sounds like a win-win situation. But let’s be honest, whoever supplies the booze is really the one who calls the shots in any community.


As the owner, you have the ability to build, operate, and expand the tavern in any way you see fit. Choose how the tavern is decorated, what food and drinks to serve and what kind of reputation the tavern will hold. The choices you make determine the kinds of characters and the potential quests that come into your establishment from night to night.

Assemble a party of heroes (or possibly drunks) and equip them with weapons and relics, then send them off to claim victory in their quests. A map screen allows you to follow each quest as it unfolds. A successful quest can result in treasure, XP for your heroes, new alliances, characters, and opportunities to improve the tavern. Victory in the field is not guaranteed. A decision to send an ill-equipped or fatigued character on a quest may result in critical failure, a negative permanent effect or even death. Epic Tavern is a management-sim, so planning for each quest is essential.

The storyline unfolds around the choices you make, so each game will be unique. Siding with certain political factions may result in peace or war. Brokering an alliance with the monsters can lead to unique items and quests, although burning their sanctuary to the ground is also an option. In-game achievements will grant access to bonuses that allow you to delve further into the mysteries of Epic Tavern on each successive playthrough.

The developer Hyperkinetic Studios have stated that their game “pushes the limits of a player-centric narrative and creates a brand new model of the classic choose-your-own-path experience”. I am completely unsure how this will be implemented, but a new model for this classic style of gameplay sounds very interesting.

Epic Tavern is still in the early stages of development, and the team are seeking your help to finish it. There are several ways you can support the game. Voting on Steam Greenlight will get Epic Tavern up on Early Access, where the developers are targeting an August release. If you wish to be more involved, consider backing the project on Kickstarter. $20 will get you a copy of Epic Tavern as soon as it’s finished. Pledging more grants you access to DLC, T-shirts and plenty of other cool perks. There are over 3 weeks remaining in the crowdfunding campaign, which is plenty of time to reach the target of $40,000.

Epic Tavern is scheduled for release on PC sometime during 2017. You can find out more and support the game right here.

Michael Vane is a freelance writer who’s not sure if he could be trusted to work behind a bar with access to So MUCH alcohol! When sober, he likes chatting about film and gaming over on Twitter @DrVane

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