There’s something to be said about having a good sword to swing around … not that I would know, I don’t own one. But within video games, slicing and dicing goes can be a rather entertaining why to take care of business. It’s probably one of the reasons why I finally dove into Dark Souls (don’t ask me how often I died), and it’s also a reason why I’m interested in Armed With Wings, though believe me when I say there’s far more reasons than just slashy slashy.

armedwithwings02Armed With Wings: Rearmed continues the challenging tale of the world simply known as Black Mist, where darkness continues to wrap its tendrils around the innocent as Tyrant King Vandheer crushed all who try to dispose of him. But as with every good fantasy story, there’s always someone out there that’s willing to put everything on the line to set things right. That’s where you come in.

A combination 2D action/platformer, with a look not unlike an Anime, Armed With Wings has you fighting through hordes of enemies, solving puzzles and traversing platforms with a hefty dose of old-school charm and new-school action. You have plenty of tricks up your sleeve to aid you along your journey, including your lightning imbued sword and your trusty eagle, who can explore ahead to discover hidden paths, distract guards or find hidden items.

I should say, the images don’t really do the game justice. This is definitely something you need to see in motion, so go click on the trailer link below and have a look for yourself. It’s one part smooth animation and two parts hectic action.

You may have noticed I said ‘continued’ above, which is true, since this isn’t the first game in the series despite this being … well … the first game in the series, just remastered. Developer Daniel Sun has been working on Armed With Wings (amongst many other projects) since 2008, though this is the first time it will appear as a fully fledged game on Steam. So you can take the ‘continued’ as both a continuation of the franchise, but also as a sense of how long this darkness has been lingering.

You may also have already seen Daniel’s creation if you’d visited PAX Australia last year, following its official selection in the yearly Indie Showcase. A much deserved choice, given the crowds who gathered to watch the game in action.

Armed With Wings: Rearmed is currently available as a Steam Early Access title, which as alway means you can help shape the future of the game before its full launch. Daniel himself continually posts updates and hint at what’s to come, including the recent addition of a local versus multiplayer mode which looks really exciting, a sort of extreme version of Nidhogg (if you’ve played that, I certainly hope you have, then you’ll now what I mean).

Mark Isaacson is a freelance journalist and editor of PN2 who enjoys a good sword fight.

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