The A.I. does not hate you, nor does it love you, but you are made out of atoms which it can use for something elseEliezer Yudkowsky

John Campbell is a genius scientist with a violently ill wife. He performs a dangerous procedure attempting to save her. Unfortunately, something goes horribly wrong. John awakes in a hospital bed with no idea how he got there. An attractive A.I. named L appears and warns him of the dangers to come.


From The Terminator to Ex Machina, pop culture is full of perfect examples of why you can’t trust an A.I. But John is completely out of his depth, so he follows L’s guidance. Together they attempt to escape the ruined facility and survive COSy, another A.I. who appears to have caused the devastation and has a score to settle with John.

That’s the premise behind The Mind’s Eclipse, an interactive visual novel developed by a small team out of Durham, North Carolina. What immediately stands out about this game is the art. The monochrome colour scheme, along with the almost scribbled hand drawn art, looks both amazing and horrifying. Artist DK Yingst deserves praise for creating one of the most original art designs that I have seen in years.

As a visual novel, the gameplay is quite simple. It consists of Interacting with environments to find and use items and reading messages on monitors and discarded data pads. The heart of The Mind’s Eclipse is the story. It’s described as an emotional narrative that’s set in a gritty future, where the lines between man and machine have been blurred. The Mind’s Eclipse is not the first game to focus on such themes. Soma and Deus Ex come to mind, but it’s nice to have a selection of games with more complex narratives, that also ask the gamer some pretty tough questions about humanity.

A playable demo of the first 15 minutes is available up on the official website. The Mind’s Eclipse has already been greenlit on Steam and is well into the development process. Stay tuned to PN2 for an in-depth look at the game when it’s released later this year. You can download the demo here.

Michael Vane is a freelance writer at PN2 who absolutely loves when sci-fi and horror come together. Go say Hi on Twitter @DrVane

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