e3It’s that time of the year again, where awkward stage presentations aim to build up our dreams for the year ahead of our favourite past time. We get up early or stay up late in the hope of witnessing a big surprise, a major announcement or, finally, the return of an old favourite. We bet on how often people talk up their ‘amazing visuals’ or ‘wondrous storytelling’, knowing full-well that most of said titles can’t live up to that expectation. There’s no doubt E3 holds a special place in everyone’s hearts, for more than the obvious reasons…

Today, Mark takes his turn on the podium of highly unlikely announcements in our ULIKLE3 week. From canned games, major surprises to absolutely zero announcements entirely, there’s a little bit of everything. Almost.

Nintendo Announces Zelda VR

It’s hard to get away from the virtual reality trend, especially when the big two … that’s Sony and Valve, for those of you playing at home … are all over the medium. Personally I’m a big fan of the concept, and if the rumours turn out to be true, so are Nintendo. During their Treehouse Zelda presentation, the company drops a bombshell and confirms a VR edition is on its way, which confuses everyone in the room as the NX concept itself continues to remain a mystery. To be honest, I’m starting to wonder whether it even exists at all.rabbids

Imagine. Running through Hyrule Field, riding Epona, climbing Death Mountain … as radical as a VR Zelda sounds, you can’t say it wouldn’t be exciting.

Side note: Now that Nintendo are more willing to incorporate their IP into other products, Lego Nintendo World anyone?

Sony Confirms Ubisoft Purchase

This one is a little out there, but you know the rumours that Vivendi want to purchase Ubisoft? Turns out Sony heard all the rumblings, double checked their bank accounts and said ‘sure, why not?’.

On the back of that announcement, Sony and Marvel confirm a Spider-Man/Assassin’s Creed crossover movie, confirming once and for all that anything can be made into a movie as long as you pray for it never to ever happen. Ever.

Microsoft Rebrands VR ‘Halolens’

Speaks for itself really. Though if I were to tempt fate a little and write a legit possibility, wouldn’t it make sense to have Oculus Rift support on the Xbone? Surely that’s something people have thought about by now. I guess we’ll soon see, but smart money would say yes.

Virtual Reality will be the key word this E3. Whether Microsoft decides to jump all in on the same fad, along with Nintendo and pretty much everyone else who makes video games, will be up to the gaming Gods and, more importantly, our wallets. You do get the feeling that it isn’t a fad this time, that there’s enough interest (and money) in the concept that it can last a long while. Personally I can’t wait until someone makes a real life OASIS unit.

crashCrash Bandicoot Returns … as Skylanders Toy

There’s a major call from fans of the former Sony mascot to make a lonf awaited return. Problem is, the rights to the character currently reside with Activision. So that Cras revival you’ve been hoping for? It’s a Skylanders cameo, arguably worse than appearing in Project Spark…

Final Fantasy VII Remake Becomes ‘Final Fantasy VII Forever: 7.5D Re-Re-Mix ft. Vanilla Ice Part One’

There’s a lot of Final Fantasy coming our way that it honestly wouldn’t surprise me if we get even more announcements from Square. Weird names aside, expect a few more HD announcements including FF8 & 9, some mobile game everyone forgot about and the first Final Fantasy movie. Remember that? Plastic character models, weird stories, some kind of space adventure with energy tentacles. Good times.

Capcom Shuts Down Street Fighter V, Announces Street Fighter Alpha 4 As An Apology

Let’s face it, Street Fighter V didn’t exactly work out as planned. A lack of content and plenty of lag resulted in frustration for long time fans and utter confusion from newcomers. Though Capcom has stuck to their guns so far, I’m expecting a major turn-around in the form of … a complete cancellation! Yes, Capcom will back down from their failed sequel entirely, making every other character in development available for free for a limited time until the servers are shutdown. But it isn’t all bad, as they’ll confirm the return of another faithful arcade hit, Street Fighter Alpha, in its place.

Also something about Mega Man I guess.

Rockstar Announces … NOTHING AT ALL

Yup. No GTA sequel or DLC. No Red Dead Redemption. Rockstar will completely forgo E3 entirely, to the disappointment of pretty much everyone. Instead they will announce their own live stream a week later. Why? Because it’s Rockstar, they can do whatever the hell they want right now. Seriously, they could release DLC for the next ten years for GTA and still turn a bigger profit than every Assassin’s Creed sequel from here on out. But if they don’t confirm RDR2, we riot. A little. Or just shot a lot on twitter. Whatever.


Mark Isaacson is a freelance journalist and editor of PN2. Tell him what you think of his predictions via @Mark_D_Isaacson

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