If you’ve visited Twitter lately, you may have come across #screenshotsaturday, where indie developers share their currently in-development games latest screens to the masses. We’re blatantly stealing the idea for our own personal gain … nah just kidding. We just liked the idea so much we thought ‘hey, wouldn’t it be cool if we posted our favourite screen as sent in by you, once a week, possibly on time?’ Since I’m the only one who has power around here, I agreed with myself, turned to me and said ‘Me, make it so’. And he did.

Screen of the week this week comes from PN2 follower Grae Saunders, from his upcoming game Little Bit Lost. According to Grae, “This one is really starting to capture the fear that the player will begin to experience at the sheer magnitude of their situation”. You could say it gives you … a buzz. Get it? Because it says it on the can? Yeah, I’m a hoot.


Want to see your screenshot on Screen of the Week? Send it in to us via email right here with a quick description.

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