Set in a procedurally generated realm that’s tormented by demons and spirits, Kologeon is a top-down action adventure game that’s currently campaigning via Kickstarter. In Kologeon, you play as an immortal soul that can traverse dimensions outside of physical bodies, who has been fighting for centuries and establishing monuments to mark his unknown journey that’s plagued by nightmares.


Kologeon builds around the ideas of exploration and self-discovery, where there are no quests to complete or indicators to guide you. Instead, you are free to craft your own journey. The game’s story is uncovered through interactions with spirits, and the events you witness or cause. Very few details are currently known, although the developer ChillCrow has stated that they aim to create a world that you could really lose yourself in.

ChillCrow is crafting a procedurally generated game with a difference. They aim to create an un-repetitive experience where death is still a setback, but won’t mean that you’ll have to replay the same thing over again. However Kologeon is also not a roguelike, your actions and progress are permanent unlocks. Kologeon combines elements from traditional RPGs and roguelikes to form both a unique and progressive experience.

Kologeon’s combat is fast and fluid. The unnamed hero can fly, roll, and rip through demons with blood gushing effects. The upgradable skills include astral projection, giant spiritual weapons, time disruption, possession and manipulation of souls. You can wield and combo with multiple spiritual weapons at once, each possessing their own advantages, disadvantages, and style of play. Weapons forged from the enemies you slay will manifest their abilities.

Enemies are as skilled and fast moving as the hero. They are able to dodge, parry, and tear you to pieces with their giant weapons. Kologeon will be an easy game to pick up but difficult to master. ChillCrow is going for a similar approach to what was recently established with the Dark Souls franchise, where every enemy encounter should be treated with the strategy and caution that would be used in a boss battle.

The sharp pixelated art and horrifying enemy abominations were heavily inspired by anime. The camera perspective and fluid gameplay appear inspired by the indie game Hyper Light Drifter that was released earlier this year. From the early gameplay footage, the sound design consists of ominous electronic music with tribal influences.

ChillCrow is seeing $35,000 to fund Kologeon. There is still a fair way to go before they hit their target, but with more than three weeks of the campain remaining, anything could happen. Early Bird copies of the game are still available for $10, but once they have all been snapped up it will cost you $15 for a copy. Pledging extra money will grant you access to a whole range of goodies, including art books, posters and t-shirts.

Kologeon is currently in development for PC, Mac, and Linux. It is slated for a late 2017 release. You can support the Kickstarter campaign here.

Michael Vane is a freelance writer for PN2. Why not say hi and chat indie games over on Twitter @DrVane

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