steamlogo01It’s that time of the year again, when we all feel a great disturbance in the internet, as if millions of wallets suddenly cried out in terror and were suddenly silenced. Oh … and it’s Steam sale time again. So we thought it best to trudge through the many discounts and bundles to bring you our best buys and recommendations worth your time. If you’ve already spent a little too much, we feel your pain, but most of the games on this list are so heavily slashed in price, you’d be a Sith not to buy them…

NOTE: These are all US prices, since that’s how Steam operates. If you’re not sure what that means for your wallet, head over to to get a direct conversion to your local currency.

The Talos Principle -$9.99. 75% off

Assetto Corsa – $22.49. 50% off

Hatoful Boyfriend – The best post apocalyptic Pidgeon dating sim on the market – $2.49. 75% off


This War of Mine – $4.99. 75% off

Speedrunners – $3.74. 75% off

The Long Dark – A fantastic survival game that’s only going to get better. $6.79. 66% off


Torchlight 2 – $3.99. 80% off

The Stanley Parable – $2.99. 80% off

Hacknet – One of the finest and original IP’s out of Australia in recent years. $4.99. 50% off


Rogue Legacy – $2.99. 80% off

Castle Crashers – $2.99. 80% off

Aquaria  Ecco the Dolphin meets Super Metroid in an awesome indie game that was released years before indies were cool – $2.49. 75% off


The Binding of Isaac Collection – $2.64. 60% off

Papers, Please – $4.99. 50% off

Organ Trail: Director’s Cut – $2.99. 40% off

Shovel Knight – $10.04. 33% off

Firewatch – $13.39. 33% off

Rocket League – A sports-action game of RC cars playing football, with the bonus of cross-platform play with PS4 users. – $11.99 – 40% off


Tales from the Borderlands – $8.49. 66% off

Alien: Isolation – $10.24. 75% off

Sid Meier’s Civilization V – For those gearing up for the release of Civilization VI. – $17.49. 75% off.



The Typing of the Dead: Overkill – $4.37 75% off

and finally, Jet Set Radio is 99 cents. Go Go Go! Buy Buy Buy!

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