Please welcome our new contributor, Sunita Osborne! Sunita is an RPG and FPS enthusiast and is currently studying a teaching degree at the University of Queensland.


elderscrolls02What is the music of life? Silence, my brother.

Riddles, subterfuge and cold-blooded murder return. If you didn’t already have a reason to play The Elder Scrolls Online, this DLC should very well be it. The Dark Brotherhood are back in the world of Tamriel in the latest DLC drop of The Elder Scrolls Online. You can join the assassin’s guild once more as you shuffle through their ranks with a whole range of new activities.

Dark Brotherhood kicks off on the shores of the Gold Coast, a newly opened map that players can travel to. After accepting a quest to assassinate a random civilian, the Dark Brotherhood will make its presence known. That’s when things become really sinister.

Once initiated into the Dark Brotherhood, the first rule of business becomes clear — assassination. You’ll be asked to take out a range of targets whether it be nobles, soldiers, religious fanatics or just plain old innocent civilians. The Night Mother doesn’t rest, and it seems neither do you. Just when you thought you weren’t busy enough, new quests will appear around the Gold Coast including bounty missions found on job boards and contracts. These missions are repeatable and can be completed once a day.

These new missions will take place primarily in Kvatch and Anvil. These locations may sound familiar as they appeared in The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion back in 2006. If you’ve ever played Oblivion, you’ll definitely enjoy exploring these newly accessible areas.

New assassination gameplay has been added into this DLC with the introduction of the Blade of Woe. You can now stalk your target and intuitively take them out from behind with a click of a button before they even know what’s what. There is also something very humorous about seeing other fellow players assassinate random NPCs amongst the crowd of a busy city.

In conjunction with this new gameplay mechanic, a passive assassination skill tree has also been included. These are well worth investing in as they prove useful to the art of subterfuge, that the guild’s activities will have you utilise often. On top of this, you’ll be introduced to some intrinsic new characters within the Dark Brotherhood who come with their own characteristics and back stories. The Elder Scrolls Online have always done a great job of fleshing out their NPCs and it doesn’t shy away here. Dark Brotherhood will take you deeper into the elusive guild’s history as the story unfolds.

With hours of content packed into this DLC, it’s hard to find anything wrong with it. There’s also a certain satisfaction that grips you when you dispatch your target without any witnesses. The assassination gameplay alone makes this DLC well worth it. The Elder Scrolls Online: Dark Brotherhood is a welcome accompaniment to the adventures in Tamriel.

If you haven’t played Elder Scrolls Online yet, you can pick it up for cheap on PC, Xbox One and PS4.


Sunita Osborne is a freelance journalist and contributor to PN2.

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