Here’s something I never thought I’d hear about, and I’m beside myself I didn’t think of the idea first because it’s pure genius. Imagine a world where human transplants are a thing of the past, where humans have replaced the need for food with petrol replacements to provide longer lifespans. Absurd, right?

That’s just the side story of this unusual tale called Grand Pigeon’s Duty. The true story follows a group of pigeons who have created a resistance movement to bring awareness to their cause, the need for bakeries. Since humans are now living off fuel, food stores are a thing of the past, leaving helpless birds without their own source of nutrition.

How do they protest? Well I’m not entirely sure just yet, but the trailer below suggests a mix of RPG and arcade shooter, where you go from one place to the next spreading your message by pooping on passing humans. To say it’s anything but weird is an understatement, though it isn’t the first time we’ve been intrigued by a video game based on Bert’s favourite animal (and if you don’t know that reference, shame on you.)

We’ll know more about Grand Pigeon’s Duty when it hits Steam in a few days. In the meantime, ponder with me a world where we live off of fuel. I can’t imagine I’d be happy with it, what with my need for chocolate.


Mark Isaacson is a freelance journalist and Editor of PN2. Go say hi or share your favourite pigeon stories @Mark_D_Isaacson

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