videoball02When Rocket League launched last year, it changed our perception of sports games. Technically it’s a racer, what with RC cars taking over from Messi and Ronaldo, but it’s main purpose was to deliver a whole new kind of football to the masses. It’s since accomplished that feet and turned its attention to basketball, and probably within the next year it will have a rugby, baseball and swimming mode. You think I’m joking, but just you wait.

The only real problem with Rocket League is the importance of knowing how to properly control your vehicle. Unless you’re a master player, it can be a little difficult competing against veterans. Videoball, an upcoming release by Action Button Entertainment and Iron Galaxy (the guys behind Divekick), aims to provide a similar sporty experience within a more simplified control scheme that anyone can play. A sporty-lite, if you will.

Each player controls a triangle that can shoot smaller triangle like projectiles. This ‘weapon’, for lack of a better word, is the only thing that can push the ball around the play field. All you have to do is shoot at the ball and direct it to the opposition goal to score. Easy, right? It looks a little like an Asteroids style space shooter more than a football match, though instead of destroying the giant rock you’re pushing it around with the intent to score.

You’ll notice there’s plenty of variety within the game, though the basic concept stays the same through-out. You’ll be able to pay 1v1, 2v2 or 3v3 modes across a number of different lanes, some with obstacles in the way, others with multiple goals. You get the feeling a 3v3 with multiple lanes would cause all sorts of havoc.

Videoball has been around since 2014, when early builds of the game were streamed on Twitch by developer Tim Rogers. Though it’s been in development for a while now, it’s great to finally see it hit Steam, Xbox One and PS4. There’s every chance it could hit similar levels of success as it sporty predecessors, it fits the party game vibe that’s very in at the moment really well.  If you pick it up yourself, let us know what you think in the comments below, we’d be keen to know what you think.


Mark Isaacson is a freelance journalist and editor of PN2. Go say hi and challenge him to a game of Videoball @Mark_D_Isaacson

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