ss_1a4ce92e741879d9483b54b7cce126deee99d7c7.600x338Tomato Jones is a physics-based puzzle adventure game and obviously a fruit re-imagining of everyone’s favourite treasure hunter Indiana Jones. Tomato Jones combines the gameplay of classic platformers with the balancing movement of ball rolling games like Super Monkey Ball and the rotating maps style of Fez to create a challenging ‘tomb raiding’ experience. Each of the games 20 levels requires you to collect all of the coins scattered throughout and avoid the traps, obstacles and enemies (that resemble Native American potatoes) before reaching the golden idol at the end.

The levels themselves are not too tricky. The difficulty comes from balancing the tomato across moving platforms and the downhill slopes. And it wouldn’t be a treasure hunting adventure without mine cart rides! The soundtrack is exceptional with a gorgeous orchestral-like score that also sounds mischievous, like something you would find in an animated comedy.

Tomato Jones is available now and is a bargain. You can purchase a copy for just under $2 and if you buy the game before the 19th July, you can save a whopping 2%. The developer Ha Studio has an interesting sense of humour.

You can check out Tomato Jones here.



Michael Vane is a freelance journalist and co-editor of PN2

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