sattelite01If you haven’t played Satellite Reign yet, you’re missing out on a really cool, cyberpunk inspired real-time strategy game. The good news is, now is a better time than ever to pick it up thanks to a new addition to the game.

Subtitled ‘Uplink’, the new co-op feature is a particular update the team at 5 Live Studios have been wanting to implement since the successful Kickstarter campaign stretch goal was reached back in 2013. Up until now Satellite Reign has been a solo only campaign, but now you can go back through the entire story arc with up to three other friends.

There’s no competitive mode, but playing in a co-op campaign certainly adds some interesting personal stories to the main campaign. Or a little silliness, if you’re so inclined.

To celebrate this major update, 5 Live Studios has discounted Satellite Reign on Steam by 50% through to July 29. There’s also discounts on the official game soundtrack, art book and prequel novella which you can pick up on the side. So there’s really no excuse if you want one of the best indie strategy games out there as part of your collection. Go check it out and let us know what you think.


Mark Isaacson is a freelance journalist and Editor of PN2. Go say hi @Mark_D_Isaacson

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