There’s been a couple of games recently involving hacking, Hacknet being the most obvious, but few go back to an era of 56k modems, dial tones and cassette decks. That’s the theme behind Quadrilateral Cowboy, an upcoming adventure heist game from Blendo Games.

No matter where you look, the description for the game remains fairly vague, but it comes down to using your hacking skills to produce some top quality heisting. You’ll have to know a little dos prompt (though I’m sure the game won’t leave you hanging if you’re not entirely sure), yet you won’t be hanging around your computer screen the entire time if the below trailer is anything to go by. You’ll be moving around the environment, interacting with tools to aid you in the task at hand … oh, and there’s also instant Ramen and cute robots. Always a plus.

This isn’t a serious hacking simulator, and that’s part of its appeal. The humour and cartoon like animations should bring in a larger crowd. Given it’s an FPS where you’re interacting with the environment, there’s always the chance it might join the VR craze someway down the track. It feels like it’s built with that in mind, though that’s entirely up to the developer.

Quadrilateral Cowboy launches July 26 on Steam.


Mark Isaacson is a freelance journalist and Editor of PN2. Go say hi @Mark_D_Isaacson

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