Daily Chthonicle is a simulation game that promotes you to the position of boss and editor of a supernatural newspaper. Your job is to keep the readers entertained and your reporters alive. I’m sure you guessed the world of Daily Chthonicle is a dark and haunted one. It’s heavily inspired by the works of H.P. Lovecraft and builds on the atmosphere of uncertainty and noir of the late 1940s. Send your reporters, detectives and occult specialists out to investigate murders, affairs, and other horrifying incidents.

Each story in Daily Chthonicle is randomly generated, so you will never know what to expect or have the same case twice. The possibilities are quite diverse. You may have to deal with ghosts, zombies, shapeshifting murderers, body stealing aliens from outer space, resurrected mummies, Jack the Ripper or a certain big bad tentacle monster as hinted at in the games title.

Daily Chthonicle: Editor’s Edition is currently in Early Access on Steam, although the developer Sinister Systems states that the gameplay is already complete and both a fun and challenging experience. Daily Chthonicle was released some time ago as a free to play game. The purpose of the Editor’s Edition is to allow Sinister Systems an opportunity to redesign the user interface which drastically needed improvement. The final version will also include a touch of polish and more content regarding quests, encounters and creatures.

You can find Daily Chthonicle on Steam right here.


Michael Vane is a freelance journalist and co-editor of PN2. Why not say hi on Twitter @DrVane

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