Screenshot00Anarcute is both the cutest and greatest riot simulator on the market. In Anarcute, you lead an increasingly large group of rioters through Tokyo, Miami, Paris, and Reykjavik to save the oppressed citizens from the evil and brainwashed forces who rule the world. Nothing will stand in your way, even if it means destroying entire cities in the process. Adorable animal masks are included for your gaming pleasure.

You don’t control a single character but rather the entire crowd. The bigger the crowd, the more powerful you become. Build your force to over 60 and you can unleash devastating abilities such as tearing down entire buildings which opens new paths for you to progress. Beware of cops with sniper rifles or tasers who can diminish your numbers and reduce your overall strength.

Anarcute purposefully shies away from any real-world resemblance. As we play video games for entertainment and escapism, I salute the developers for respectfully providing us with a cartoonish and humorous experience. Although I am disappointed that there’s not any levels set in the United Kingdom because that stops me from calling the article ‘Anarcute in the UK.’

Anarcute is developed by Anarteam, a group of 5 students from the French videogame school Supinfogame. Since its release last week, Anarcute has received positive reviews. The overly cute riot sim is available now for PC and Xbox One.


Michael Vane is a freelance journalist and co-editor of PN2. Why not ay hi on Twitter @DrVane

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