Let’s be honest, Pokemon Go is to video games what Game of Thrones is to TV right now. In other words, it’s everywhere. Whether you have a positive or negative experience with it, there’s no doubting the impact Nintendo and Niantic’s little game that could. But there’s a few other things about the game that have taken my interest, besides the fact that Zubats are the worst Pokemon ever invented.

The following infographic appeared on my Facebook feed yesterday and I felt compelled to share it here, largely because it involves some positive feedback regarding mental health. Organised by Checkpoint, an Australian not for profit organisation that connects the fields of mental health to that of video game development, the following survey ask a players a few important questions regarding the impact the game has had on them. Though the results aren’t a certified case of ‘Pokemon Go makes everyone happy, hurray’, it’s important to note the high level of people playing with others, going outside and exercising. All positives in my book, especially considering the amount of groups and Pokewalks that have come together to play the game since this phenomena began.



Side note: I love Psyduck. Also it’s great to see so many people enjoying life right now, even it if means going out of your comfort zone. I understand that all too well, having grown up largely introverted myself. To see a game bring people of all ages and backgrounds together, it makes me wish I had something like it when I was younger.

Be sure to visit CheckPoint to get the lowdown on further studies, maybe donate to their cause or just say hi. If you have any positive stories of your own with Pokemon Go, be sure to tweet us @PlayNicePlayNow, we’d love to hear from you.


Mark Isaacson is the Editor of PN2. Go say Pika via @Mark_D_Isaacson

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