Just a quick update on a game we’ve mentioned previously. Train Conductor World by the Voxel Agents will be dropping on Android devices later today.

This not so little puzzle game has you switching trains back and forth across multiple tracks, doing your best to send them on to their desired destination without crashing into each other. An expansion on the original formula, the ‘World’ in the title has you opening new stations all over the place, each one with a new mechanic or a bigger challenge. You do so by unlocking puzzle pieces to create the tracks themselves on the world map.

I originally had a review planned for the game, but funny story, I switched from an iOS phone to an Samsung Galaxy S7 (great phone by the way), which of course runs Android. So I never got the chance to finish the game, sad face. In short, I’ll do my best to rectify this when Train Conductor World lands on the Google Play store, because it’s the right thing to do and dammit, I love me some puzzles!


Mark Isaacson is the Editor of PN2. Go say hi and tell him off for changing phones at a bad time @Mark_D_Isaacson

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