Sonic the Hedgehog hasn’t had a good time since he stepped out of the 2D spotlight, let’s be honest. His recent outings in particular haven’t done the little blue blur justice either. So when Sega announced a bunch of new games in development during their 25th anniversary panel at Comic-Con over the weekend , a few of us here at PN2 got a little excited. It’s not just because of the promise of a true old-school Sonic game, but because Sega still does believe in the little guy. In a way, we do too.

Sonic Mania was the first cab off the ranks. Set for a release next year on PS4, Xbone and Pc, Mania re-introduces Sonic to his 2D sprite self that’s been missing for quite some time. Designed by PagodaWest Games and the dev duo Christian Whitehead and Simon Thomley (who worked with Sega in porting the classic series to mobile), Mania will bring with it a number of redesigned stages from many of Sonic’s old adventures mixed in with new levels, mechanics and moves.

Sonic, Tails and Knuckles will all be playable, though there’s no confirmation on whether Sonic Mania will include a two player mode. We should hear more about Sonic Mania real soon, but the trailer above sure does look promising. That Sonic animation at the end, so smooth.

The second game announced, however, has me personally excited. Sonic Team are working on an all new adventure, and though the trailer doesn’t show any gameplay, there’s a few hints at what we might expect. For one, both classic and modern Sonic’s are going to be involved, leading many to speculate that this might be a sequel to the 2011 anniversary game Sonic Generations. Secondly, it’s the team that worked on both Sonic Colors and Sonic Generations, both of which turned out pretty damn good in the grand scheme of modern Sonic games.

Couple of things of note. Obviously we don’t exactly know what to expect of the game, whether it will be a mix of 2D and 3D. You’d think that’s what we should except though, given the positive (if still a little mixed) response to Generations. Secondly, notice the letters ‘NX’ at the end of the trailer? Yup, Sega is working with Nintendo’s new console … and we still have no idea what the hell it is!

There’s one third, final piece of Sonic info that landed over the weekend which also caught my attention. A little while ago you may have noticed a Sonic related tease attached to little known toys-to-life game, Lego Dimensions. Well now we have more details on all that, specifically what Sonic looks like in-game and how what the familiar Green Hills Zone looks like in Lego form. Check that out below:

Sonic’s level pack releases along with content from a number of other IP’s (Harry potter spin-off Fantastic Beasts, E.T., Gremlins and Adventure Time) in wave seven this November. Along with a legofied Sonic himself, you’ll also get Tails Biplane and Sonic’s car and the chance to play around in a number of familiar places from his past. Just look at the little fella, how can you not be happy about Lego Sonic!

So there you go, all the big announcements for the future of our favourite hedgehog. There’s a lot of promise there, as a fan you’ve got to be excited, but we all know what it’s like to be pumped about a Sonic game only to be let down at the end…


Mark Isaacson is the editor of PN2. Go say hi real fast @Mark_D_Isaacson

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