Remember Golden Axe? The old Sega classic brawler that pitted a collection of heroes against a bunch of critters in a fantasy world unfortunately hasn’t been seen in quite a while. It’s one of many arcade games I remember playing when I was younger, though I wasn’t a constant player, but the 90’s era arcade brawlers are a personal favourite that I remember fondly. Dungeon Punks, headed to consoles this week, aims to combine those memories with a sprinkle of RPG mechanics and plenty of action.

Developers Hyper Awesome Entertainment took inspiration from those arcade memories to develop their latest outing, combining magic, button mashing and a little tactics in Dungeon Punks’ DNA. You’ll be building up your characters, unlocking and mastering new moves and taking them out on the road through a number of different environments. Interestingly, there’s also tag-team combat options, as you choose two characters to play and swap in and out during battle. Of course, an arcade brawler wouldn’t be complete without a proper co-op, and three players can work together here.

There’s a hint of 80’s cartoon and Anime to some of the character designs, I’m a little partial to the Wolf myself. Reminds me a little of Killer Instinct’s Sabrewulf, just without the science stuff. Come to think of it, there’s a mixture of all different types of characters based on the trailer below, pirates and Egyptian warriors alike. Such is the beauty of fantasy, you can pretty much do anything and it works.

Dungeon Punks releases June 26th (depending on your region) on PS4 and Xbone. The team are planning a future release on PSVita in August and Steam later this year.


Mark Isaacson is the editor of PN2. Go say hi @Mark_D_Isaacson.

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