Had a rough day at the office? Tired of slogging it out nine to five working for the man? Looking to vent some of that built up frustration?

Try Dragon Rage. A medieval take on the classic formula of Rampage where you tear the sh*t out of a mountain top village and devour the people to satisfy your massive hunger. Terrorise the citizens enough and the king sends his royal guard. Eat them too! The more villagers you eat, the stronger you become. Fill your belly to unleash rampage mode, a blinding rage that grants increased speed and attack.

Fill the egg meter to hatch baby dragons to help you reign fire and destruction down on the village and keep the combo going for the ultimate score. The royal family will eventually enter the battlefield to support the troops. I think you know what to do next.

Dragon Rage is a fast-paced old-school arcade action game. It’s a short experience, but one you can easily play again and again aiming for the high score. It features colourful hand-drawn art and a metal soundtrack that’s more satisfying the louder it is.

Developed by Bulletproof Outlaws, Dragon Rage is available now on Steam where it’s received positive reviews. You can check it out here.


Michael Vane is a freelance journalist and co-editor of PN2. He’s on Twitter @DrVane

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