Attention truckers, load up your rig, get refuelled, and start your engines, the long march has begun. Developed by Anchorite and published by Flat Earth Games, Unstoppable is an adrenaline charged, high octane truck racer for iOS devices. Tame the wasteland, as you travel at high speed through a winter highway from hell, obstructed by bloodthirsty marauders and explosive hazards.


So, how are you going to survive? By turning your eighteen-wheeler into an awe-inspiring juggernaut of destruction! Destroy anything that moves on your way to each safe house, and be rewarded with cash that you can use to upgrade your offensive and defensive gear. It’s like the best bits of Carmageddon (which, funnily enough, just attempted a comeback recently. It didn’t go so well) mixed with the best sequences from the Fast & Furious series.

Need to smash through more obstacles? Then, power-up with a hybrid jet engine, but be careful not to flip over. Taking too much damage? Bolt on some armoured plating with spikes, attach a scoop to the front, or get the repair boyz to fix you up. A little trigger-happy? Enhance your weaponry with the extensive range of firearms and artillery to further obliterate your enemies. You can also unlock new paint colours for your rig, by achieving a certain number of wipe-outs during your trips. It’s up to you how you customise your rolling death machine. And once you have made the most vicious looking vehicular doomsday device, toggle the screenshot mode and share it with your friends, or foes.

You must haul your goods to your destination through various difficult routes. The further you travel, the more dangerous the raiders will become. They will fight fire with fire, so make sure you’re well prepared before venturing out into the frozen post-apocalyptic Badlands. Each new route will provide you with contract objectives for extra dough. These might be to collect fallen Scav piles, or eliminate a certain militant on your journey.

Steering is done by pressing the onscreen button display, along with your nitrous boost and breaks. It’s easy and unobtrusive, allowing the driving to be the focus of the gameplay, which is shown from a fixed 3D bird’s eye view perspective. The graphics are cold, kinda like a video game ‘Ice Road Truckers’ but without the weird characters (characters being a loose term), but it’s rendered at a solid frame rate that’s pleasing to the eye. Things can get quite chaotic towards the final stages, if you survive that far (I get the feeling Tim lasted longer than I did – Ed.), but it’s an enjoyable level of difficulty that drives you to do better each time.

The Mad Max: Fury Road inspired soundtrack is provided by Edward Fokkema and his heavy metal themes certainly get you pumped and adds to the games atmosphere. The explosions and smashing glass sound effects are great, perhaps the only thing missing are the screams of your tyres from the icy bitumen road and the voice of Max himself shouting at you for not driving fast enough, or something like that.

Unstoppable is hair-raising arcade action, with an abundance of procedurally generated highways for you to joy ride and cause as much chaos as possible. But be sure to check your iOS device first, it might not be supported for older iOS products. On the plus side, there are no in-app purchases, all upgrades must be earned through hard work and dedication – which is fine by me!

Want to give Unstoppable a go for free? Thanks to Flat Earth Games we have four codes to give away. Check out our Twitter feed to find out how to win.


Tim Pearce is a freelance journalist and contributor to PN2. Go say hi over on MeatBaitMedia!

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