downwellLPEven I have to admit that the upcoming official Downwell soundtrack LP looks fantastic. I mean come on, just look at that red vinyl! It’s so … shiny.

The soundtrack itself is pretty damn good too. Composer Eirik Suhrke is no stranger when it comes to good video game music, having put his stamp on the likes of Hotline Miami and Spelunky. The LP will come with an MP3 download option, so if you don’t have a record player at home you won’t miss out on listening to the tunes themselves. You can find a full track listing on the site along with a few behind the scenes notes from the composer himself, in which he describes his work on Downwell as chip-tune inspired jazz, among other tones and reflections.

Black Screen Records are the team behind the LP launch, who also produced LP’s for the most recent Oddworld game and Velocity 2X. There’s no release date as yet, but keep an eye on their website for when it drops, it’ll be worth it for collector’s and fans alike.


Mark Isaacson is the editor of PN2 and a fan of video game soundtracks (if that isn’t obvious). Go say hi @Mark_D_Isaacson.

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