Galak-Z’s new DLC pack hit the airwaves back in May on Steam, but now PS4 fans can partake in the pack that adds a new way to play.

The Void adds a new endless mode that has you surviving wave after wave of bad guys until you just can’t take anymore. The update also includes leaderboards so you can aim for that high score and make a name for yourself, if that’s your thing. The sole aim is to survive as long as you can, and no doubt it will throw everything including the kitchen sink at you to take you down.

If you’re unaware of what Galak-Z is, imagine an Anime show combined with an open world action game / space shooter. There’s been a constant level of support for the game since it originally launched last year, including an arcade mode for those that found the original rogue-like aspects of the game a little too hard (yes, if you die, you die).

So why the delay? No doubt it was to ensure everything ran as smoothly as possible, and it happens a lot when you’re working on multiple platforms and adding far more than just a new character. We much prefer a game running at peak efficiency than releasing something that isn’t ready.

Do you play Galak-Z? Have you been to the Void? Let us know what you think in the comments below.


Mark Isaacson is the editor of PN2. Go say hi @Mark_D_Isaacson

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