dayofinfamy02WW2 shooters generally stick to the basics when it comes to the rules, playing as one of two sides and shooting it out in a recreation of now historic moments in our history. Day of Infamy aims to bring something a little different by reinforcing teamwork as its main objective.

You can play as either a team against an AI controlled opponent or up to 32 players can engage in competitive modes. As you would expect, much of the equipment, weapons and maps are based on authentic pieces from that era, from sub machine guns to grenades and an impressive flame thrower. It all looks and sounds the way you would expect for a shooter that’s running on realism instead of just pure action.

Each map plays out with two sides, with the aim being to either defend or capture objectives on the map. In multiplayer, each game mode varies the objectives up a bit, with Frontline having you push forward through the map to capture certain points (with the winner based on how much of the map is under their control if the timer runs out), Liberation forcing you to control points to liberate the area (and capturing points awards you reinforcements), whilst the main goal in Offensive to push forward and capture one point at a time or prevent the offensive team from capturing said points.

There’s also the option of playing against a tough as nails AI in 8 player co-op modes, Stronghold, Patrol and Entrenchment. Again, they’re about capturing various points, though the rules vary a little when it comes to bringing in reinforcements, whilst Entrenchment is all about defending your line.

Speaking of reinforcements, whenever you capture a point, anyone who dies during battle before that moment are brought back into the fight. It’s a nice touch, but it does force you to be a little careful on the battlefield in-between those capture moments. In terms of other content beyond that, there’s also the promise of allowing user created mods, which could open up it to new maps, weapons and player skins, hopefully people jump on that and create some fun additions to the game as it goes along.

Day of Infamy is currently available in early access on Steam. It looks the goods, if you’re up for another war shooter that isn’t the more up-tempo Call of Duty’s or Battlefield’s. I’ve seen a few Let’s Play videos and I like the tactics side of things, so hopefully I’ll get some hands-on with it soon. It comes to us from New World Interactive, who developed the well received Insurgency a few years ago, which will soon have a sequel in Insurgency: Sandstorm set for release early next year on PC & PS4.


Mark Isaacson is the editor of PN2. Go say hi @Mark_D_Isaacson

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