tumblr_o5gbasLidK1s91d70o1_1280Icebox is a procedurally generated first person shooter set in a virtual labyrinth where you hack terminals and battle computer generated forces while on a mission to find and destroy the central AI. And of course, compete for your best times.

The Icebox itself is an experimental digital device that falls into the hands of some ‘black suits’ on the eve of its final test. You play as the son of the systems architect who was also abducted and wired into the Icebox. You need to destroy the central AI if you are to have a chance of making it home to your father.

The game can be played two different ways: In speedrun mode, players race the clock, manage resources, and battle enemies through a series of increasingly challenging environments. Completing each level inside the ‘par time’ unlocks the next level and posts your score to the leaderboards. Speedrun mode encourages replaying levels to improve your overall time and leaderboard standing. In campaign mode, players take a more considered approach, and the game unfolds more akin to classic FPS gameplay.

Icebox is developed by Aussie studio Games of Edan, who consists of one man – Carmine Fantarella. Icebox is currently featured on Steam Greenlight where you can show your support by casting a vote. Games of Edan are targeting an early 2017 release and hope to have their game playable on PC, Mac and Linux. You can vote for it here.


Michael Vane is a freelance journalist and co-editor of PN2. He’s on Twitter @DrVane

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