You know how I was talking about gardening last week? Well here’s another game that strangely enough follows a similar theme of gardens, except this time the end of the world is at stake. Can’t remember that ever happening last time I was in the garden…

Watching Grass Grow in VR – The Game is Aussie studio Pillow Head Games’ attempt at creating a grass growing simulator with a distinct action flavour. Your goal is to ensure the grass grows as best as possible whilst defending it from dogs, crazed humans and, of course, the end of the world itself. How do you defend it, you might ask? With a rocket launcher, of course … stupid question, really.

Strange as all this may seem, given this is a VR game it’s ripe for the kind of entertainment that puts smiles on faces and keeps you on your toes, as the colourful world takes shape and invades your little garden space.

You’re going to need an HTC Vive if you want to take part in the adventure, it’s the only way to play, but if you do have one on you and need a little something to pass the time that isn’t like watching paint dry, Watching Grass Grow in VR – The Game sounds entertaining in the short bursts kind of way. You’ll be able to purchase it on Steam, though right now there isn’t a confirmed release date.


Mark Isaacson is the editor of PN2. Go say hi @Mark_D_Isaacson

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