One of the more popular releases of 2016, Dead by Daylight, is about to get some interesting and possibly game changing DLC this week.

For those of you unfamiliar, Dead by Daylight is a 4v1 multiplayer ‘horror’ game where four players attempt to turn on a number of generators around a dark and disturbing setting, in the hopes of opening the exit doors to escape from a monster (aka, player 5). Since launching in June, Behaviour Digital’s action game has been a relative success story, regularly played by some of the biggest YouTube and internet stars and gaining a solid following too.

This first lot of free DLC, titled ‘The Last Breath’, introduces a new monster to an already horrible (in a good way) mix. The Nurse, who wouldn’t look out of place in Silent Hill or Resident Evil, will chase you around the map with her bone saw weapon, but that’s not what people should be afraid of. Unlike her compatriot bad guys, the Nurse has a new ability called ‘Blink’, which a cunning player can use to phase through walls or objects. In terms of what the game is known for, this will definitely alter some strategies on both sides of the action, as previous survivors have been able to throw down obstacles or jump through broken windows to escape. With the Nurse, that tactic might be under threat.

One of her other perks, which unlock over time as you play, includes the ability to see people from a distance or through walls if they are healing or are being healed. Makes sense, she’s a nurse after all.

Luckily for those who choose to play as a survivor, there’s a new one of those too. Nea is a stealth character, who will no doubt please those who think the current roster of survivors may be a little on the slow side. She can move around the field of play faster and without being as easily detected by a monster, along with perks that allow her to move around at high speed even when crouched (which is normally the easiest way to avoid detection) and the ability to maintain her balance when jumping from a tall building to the ground below. All these features, as well as a look at the new map ‘Asylum’, are neatly detailed in the preview video as above:

Fans of Dead by Daylight should get plenty of mileage out of these new characters, though this is just one of many free DLC packs that will broaden the appeal and hopefully the game play mechanics over time. You can grab Dead by Daylight on Steam ahead of the DLC drop which is scheduled for today, August 18th.


Mark Isaacson is the editor of PN2. Go say hi @Mark_D_Isaacson

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