unnamedSquare Enix are well aware that certain gameplay formulas just don’t work on smartphones. So instead of releasing awful ports of their games, Square Enix Montreal has been developing original titles within their popular franchises under the ‘Go’ name for some time (well before Pokemon made it their own). It began with the critically acclaimed Hitman Go, followed with Lara Croft Go and now we have Deus Ex Go.

Deus Ex Go is a turn-based puzzle infiltration game where you play as the series’ protagonist Adam Jensen who hacks, attacks and augments his way to unravel a conspiracy behind a terrorist plot.

Each level of Deus Ex Go is set on a map that resembles a simple board game. Every time you move Adam, the enemies move too. Your goals will vary from killing all of the enemies to collecting an item and reaching the exit without being seen. Deus Ex Go features over fifty levels with new puzzles added each weekday. According to Square Enix, these puzzles are some of the most challenging ones across the entire Go series and a level editor feature is coming in a few weeks.

Completing certain tasks will unlock Praxis kits that can be used in Deus Ex: Mankind Divided when it’s released next week. There are five to obtain and they can be utilised in the Xbox One and PC versions. No PS4 compatibility has been announced, unfortunately.

Square Enix has also registered trademarks for Just Cause Go and Life is Strange Go so it’s likely that there’s much more Go action on the way. Final Fantasy Go perhaps?

I enjoyed Hitman Go when it was released several years ago, so I have high expectations for this one. Deus Ex Go is available now for iOS and Android.


Michael Vane is a freelance journalist and co-editor of PN2. He’s on Twitter @DrVane

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