Inheritance2Explore the remnants of your disturbing past in the latest DLC for Layers of Fear. In Layers of Fear: Inheritance, you are the estranged daughter of the former crazed painter, who has left to you all of his earthly possessions. Inheritance gives you the opportunity to get some much-needed closure from the events of the base game, as well as providing you with a meatier narrative to those confounding moments as well.

In Inheritance, you play as the neglected daughter who got taken away from her father after a series of unfortunate events. You’ll enter the game back at your long forgotten home where it all began to see what your father has ultimately left you. With the help of a dim flashlight, you’ll begin to navigate the rundown abandoned house, exploring the same rooms as you did once before in the beginning of Layers of Fear. Your character will often comment on the state of certain rooms or describe her memories there. Interacting with certain objects within a room will set off a flashback from your character’s childhood, usually pertaining to memories of her parents being negligent. These flashbacks are actually pretty confronting to experience as you see them through the eyes of an innocent child so regrettably raised.

It’s not all a bleak affair in Inheritance as there are some redeeming qualities within certain memories that you’ll get to shed some light on. Where your father cared for you and wanted you to excel, or how your mother spent her precious moments with you before her untimely demise. This is precisely the point of Inheritance, the game implores you to make an underlying choice. Will you choose to forgive your father for all the wrong he caused you? Or embody more of your mother and hold onto her same stifling bitter resentment?

The gameplay mechanics of Inheritance differs slightly from Layers of Fear. There are still objects you will often need to pick up or you’ll have to navigate a room in a certain fashion, but these are all showcased through vivid flashbacks from your character’s childhood. These memories are also portrayed nightmarishly, and much like in Layers of Fear, stretch beyond the realm of reason. Inheritance also draws more of an emphasis on certain memories than its predecessor did, such as events concerning your character’s dog. This DLC is more straightforward than the base game, it’s more to the point as it tries to tell a specific story, recalling your character’s early years. Although Inheritance still utilises some cheap jump scares, these have substantially lessened.

As with Layers of Fear, this DLC embodies the same style of petrifying music. Although Inheritance doesn’t feel as intricately designed as its predecessor, this is a much shorter experience. Lasting only roughly an hour, Inheritance feels like more of a metaphorical depiction of what it’s like to exist as a child with a second-rate family in the most frightful way.

Admittedly, Inheritance isn’t as scary as Layers of Fear but it’s still an unfortunate tale that pulls on your heart strings. Depending on how you choose to end the game, you’ll find the answers to all those questions that may have been gnawing at you. Bloober Team has given us some much-desired conclusions with Layers of Fear: Inheritance that definitely won’t be forgotten anytime soon. 


Sunita Osborne is a freelance journalist and contributor to PN2. You can find her on Twitter @SunitaOsborne

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